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Welcome to Smithville Regional Hospital

Programs for the Community

Smithville Regional Hospital is not just a community health provider - we are actively involved in offering community outreach programs designed to stress education and prevention. From health screening programs to CPR training, SRH reaches into the community at large, bringing healthcare services out from behind hospital and health center walls, directly to those we serve.
Many of our programs are offered free of charge to our community. We invite you to learn more about the outreach programs that put SRH professionals into schools, day cares and senior centers.

Driving Safety
According to the Texas Department of Public Safety (1997), 30% of all fatalities were the result of alcohol-related crashes. Zero tolerance is the law for minors in Texas.

To engage kids in a drunk or drugged driver prevention program, SRH will host the DWEyes Fatal Vision program. Participants will wear goggles and experience the visual distortion, loss of balance, and lack of control that make drinking drivers so dangerous.

This hands-on teaching method helps to demonstrate the impairing effects of drugs and alcohol, and how quickly impairment can turn fun into devastating consequences. The DWEyes program includes: Walk the Line, Stand on One Leg, Touch an Object, Give a High Five, Pick up Objects, Dribbling Drills, Shooting Baskets, Playing Catch, Maneuver a Course.

These activities help to show that normally good reflexes mean nothing when a person is impaired by drugs or alcohol. For more information, please call Stacy Gilmore at (512) 237-5737 or sgilmore@srhnet.org.

Car Seat Safety
SRH will be hosting car seat education classes.We will also be distributing car seats to needy families (while supplies last). To sign up for this program or for more information, please call (512) 680-2326 or 237-5731.

CPR Classes
CPR classes for the public can be arranged through Michelle Kallus. To sign up for this program or for more information, please call 512-237-5731, or page her at 512-631-8141, and if E-mail is more convenient, icu_er_nurse@yahoo.com. Michelle is one of our ICU nurses and is also certified to teach First aid, AED, and CPR Instructor courses.

Speakers Program
The hospital is frequently asked to provide a speaker for an event or community organization. We provide speakers on various topics according to the requesters needs.

Through our Speakers' Program, we hope to educate the community about the hospital and its entities, preventive measures for diseases, test information, and other related medical field information.

We wish to make you comfortable with asking questions and learning all you can about your local health care opportunities.

Topic Examples:

Breast Self Examination
Mammogram Information
Body Fat
Heart Health
Heart Disease
Living Will Information
Women's Health
Health Careers
Outpatient Center Information
Information About the Hospitals
Smithville Hospital Authority
New Technology
Volunteer Programs

The topics listed above are just a few samples of topics available.

If a topic not listed is of interest to your group or organization, ask us - we'll do the best we can to arrange a speaker for your special needs.

We request that you give at least two week's notice when requesting a speaker. Many of our speakers can come to your meeting on weekdays, some in the evening hours. There is no fee. For more information on our Speaker's Program, please call Elizabeth Rinker at (512) 237-5792 or erinker@srhnet.org.

Hospital Tours
Because Smithville Hospital Authority is growing and because so many people are not familiar with our new surroundings, we invite groups to tour our new facilities.

Depending on the availability of the areas, we like to show off the new Radiological services, for example. We are proud of our growth and modern technology and want to share it with you! To schedule a Hospital tour, please call between 8:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday: (512) 237-5792 or erinker@srhnet.org.

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