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Welcome to Smithville Regional Hospital

Case Management

The primary goal of the SRH Case Management Department is to be a patient advocate, empowering patients and families by providing them with information to make informed healthcare choices. Current information is available on important topics, such as Medicare benefits, Advance Directives, Patient Rights and Community Resources.

The Case Manager is actively involved with discharge planning to ensure patients receive continuity of care and are discharged to a safe environment. Anticipation of post-hospital needs assist in appropriate discharge planning.

Discharge planning meetings occur every morning, Monday through Friday. Information is gathered from all departments involved with the patient, and discharge plans are formulated. The primary physician is actively involved with the discharge planning process.

Conditions of participation require all Medicare facilities perform utilization reviews of all patients admitted to the hospital. The Case Manager reviews the patient's medical record to ensure patients meet criteria for admission. Reviews also include an evaluation of appropriate treatment and use of hospital resources. The Texas Medical Foundation provides guidelines and criteria for hospital admission and discharge screens.

For private insurance patients, the Case Manager is responsible for communicating with the insurance company to obtain authorization for the hospital stay and assisting with any discharge needs.

How Much Does This Services Cost?
The Case Manager is an employee of Smithville Regional Hospital and is available to the surrounding community. Healthcare questions, concerns and issues can be directed to the Case Management Department. Many phone calls are taken from the community on a daily basis.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What To Expect When I Visit With The Case Manager

The Case Manager is there to help you in any way, especially to help with discharge plans. Your physician may want the Case Manager to evaluate your home situation or to provide you with some information or counseling.

Do not be afraid to share your concerns or needs. Do not be afraid to ask questions. It is the Case Manager's job to provide information, relieve your worries and try and get you some help.

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